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1. NO LESSONS: We will be closed April Vacation week from Monday April 19th thru Sunday 

April 25th.  We are closed on Friday 

April 2nd Good Friday.

2. Costumes will be given out in May along with Recital information packets. I will have those exact dates in the May newsletter. There are 3 more monthly payments left April, May & June. Reminder: the yearly tuition is broken down into 10 payments. Please try to catch up asap if you are behind in payments. If you would like to see a picture of your 

 child's costume please just ask your teacher and we would gladly show you. Reminder: Costumes will not be given out to those students who have balances. We are still sending home costume balance sheets to a few classes.

3. DRESS CODE: Parents and students, I have had to speak to numerous classes about improper dance attire over the past few weeks.  Hair should also be neat and pulled back off of the face.  Baggy pants and t-shirts are never allowed.  Please make sure your children are following my rules.  I would hate to go to strictly leotards and tights like a lot of other dance studios.  I say this every year, but we are still seeing a ton of T-shirts, please make sure they are wearing proper dance attire.  

4. 10 YEAR AWARDS: Please let us know if you are a 10 year award recipient this year!  That would mean your first recital was "IT'S PARTY TIME"

5. Recital Dates: June 12th & 13th Fingers Crossed! Rehearsal Dates June 13th & 14th

6.  PICTURE DAYS: Manomet will be June 7th, 8th, & 9th

West Plymouth Friday June 4th

We would love to still have picture day even if it's 

just individual shots!  We are not sure if group shots 

will be available due to COVID right now.  Fingers 

crossed once again!!

7. Please check the lost and found bench in the waiting 

room! There are lots of winter clothes, sweatshirts 

and shoes in there!

Happy Spring! & Happy Easter!