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Welcome back students and parents for another exciting year!  We're glad to have the new students joining us and hope they have as much fun as we've all had in the past! We are so excited to be celebrating our 27th Dance season with you!

This month we will be...

1. Registering old and new students into the appropriate classes.  

2.  Stretching and reviewing- to work out the kinks and review old dance steps to allow for proper class placement.  


1.  Each student will receive a handbook which will answer most of your questions.  There is a section that you do have to sign and return to your teacher that says you have read and understand all the rules, thank you.

 2.  You will receive a monthly newsletter, and a payment booklet for each month.  Please be sure to read the newsletter.  It will help to answer many questions.  It will also be on the website,

3. If you still have questions, write them on your pay envelope or a piece of paper and leave it in the tuition box.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.  The studio phone # 

is 224-8391.  West Plymouth is 746-7778.  You can also reach us on facebook... CatherinemsodKeyes  That is the name we use.  

4. If you are asked to change your child's class due to a schedule change or for proper dance placement, your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.  Also, if a class has under 5 children in it, it may have to be cancelled.  

5. This year I will be enforcing a stricter dress code. For younger students & students in Ballet, leotards & tights must be worn, no restriciton on color or style. Older students may wear tight pants, preferably black or navy blue, they CANNOT be BAGGY. Tight dance shirts and tank tops ONLY... no T-shirts. Dance skirts and shorts may be worn ONLY Over tights! Hair must be pulled in a tight bun, pony tails or braids. If you chose to wear dance shorts... TIGHTS ARE REQUIRED under the shorts as proper dance attire!

6.  PAYMENTS:  The yearly tuition is broken down into 10 payments, due your first class of each month.  September thru June.  You have been given a payment envelope packet for your convenience.  Each payment for each month should be in the correct monthly envelope this year please.  Please remember to write your child's name and class time on the front of the envelope.  If the check has a different name than the child please put the child's name in the memo.  Thank you!  If you pay cash you make take $5 off per child.

7.  Once again, Jeanine Casano or Proto-Casano School of Irish Dance will be offering classes at our West Plymouth location!  If you would like more information please contact Jeanine through email at [email protected]  You can also check out her website at  

8.  Recital Date: Saturday June 18th @ Plymouth North High School

9.  Competition Classes:  Will begin in October, we will keep you posted on the exact times and days as it gets closer and we are back into the groove of regular classes!

10.  We have decided to go Mask Optional this year until the state or board of health tell us otherwise, we will leave it up to the parents.  We will still be taking all precautions in class, cleaning, sanitizing, air purifiers in use, and keeping the students seperated as much as possible.  We would also like to keep the waiting rooms empty and have it clear this year.  Pre-school parents and littles can be brought in and picked up, when class ends.  We will call you in to quickly grab them.  Older students please wait outside until we call you in just like last year.  Thank you!